Get More From Dopplr By Inviting People You Know To Become Fellow Travellers

Dopplr is a service for the smart traveller, and at its heart is the concept of travel planning and sharing plans with people you trust. Consequently, the more people you connect with on Dopplr, the more useful the service becomes.

Dopplr is all about spotting the co-incidences that might otherwise be overlooked. It knows where you are going to be, and when; and it knows where your fellow travellers are going to be, and when. It can see those co-incidences and point them out, without individuals having to sit down and compare notes on every single trip.

So it makes sense to open up your travel planning activity to as many people as possible. Dopplr has made it easy to do this.

The first way to add more fellow travellers is simply to invite people you already know. From your account home page, click “Invite”, and you can fill out a simple form with the name and email address of the person you wish to invite. You can add a short text note as well. This message will be sent to your recipient with a confirmation link – all they need to do is click the link to start the sign-up process at Dopplr. We will automatically share your trips with that person, and ask them if they’d like to share their trips with you.

If the recipient does not wish to join Dopplr, we won’t keep pestering them with reminders, and won’t keep their contact details any longer than necessary.

If you would like to invite more than one person at a time, it’s possible to do this too. You can send several invitations at once, using the same text note for all of them.

The second, and more powerful, way to add fellow travellers is by using the Find People feature on Dopplr.

This useful tool connects Dopplr to other social networks and web services that you might already use, including Gmail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. It can also import contacts from your Outlook database, and contact files in Hcard format.

Click the service of your choice and follow the simple instructions to import all (or just some) of your contacts at each place. Dopplr will do the rest.

Whether you are engaged in frequent business travel or occasional sightseeing trips, pulling in more fellow travellers opens up more opportunities for sharing travel tips and advice with people you trust, and spotting more chances for unexpected meetings along the way.

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