Exchange Travel Tips With Fellow Smart Travellers On Xing

XING is one of the biggest professional networks in Europe, with over seven million members. Smart travellers can now connect their Dopplr account to XING, to get more from both.
Anyone whose work involves frequent business travel will appreciate the connection between the two services. XING is all about managing relationships in a business context. It is a useful way of finding new contacts, sourcing business opportunities, finding employees, and even getting a new job. XING knows the skills and experience that every member can offer, and helps its members find connections that they might otherwise have missed.
Dopplr does a similar thing for travel planning. Dopplr’s smart travellers have their own ideas about the travel advice that might be useful for them, and because they travel frequently, they find it useful to know where their friends and business colleagues are going to be. Dopplr spots those easily-missed co-incidences where two or more people will be in roughly the same place at roughly the same time. It alerts travellers to the co-incidences and helps them get in touch at the right moment.
Dopplr travellers also submit their recommended places to eat, stay and explore to the Social Atlas � a new kind of guidebook compiled and curated by the people who use it.
By connecting a Dopplr account to a XING account, anyone can now get the benefit of Dopplr’s smart travel tips while staying in touch with their XING contacts.
Set up only takes a few clicks, but once done it gives your XING account an extra boost. Dopplr can see which of your XING contacts are also Dopplr travellers, and highlight any co-incidences when you and they will be passing one another. It also displays a Dopplr badge on your XING canvas and profile view, which displays your current and planned trips, as well as a list of recommendations and travel tips from the Social Atlas.
Business travel has changed a great deal in recent years, thanks to the innovations we’ve seen appearing online. Dopplr’s ability to connect to external services and open up data is an important part of its design ethos. The Social Atlas is the next step forward, opening up travel planning and travel advice to everyone who actually travels. There’s no need for people to depend on the word of a single travel writer any more; now they can depend on the travel tips gathered en route by their friends, colleagues, and fellow travellers.

See The World Through The Eyes Of Dopplr Travellers With The Social Atlas

Visit any bookstore and it’s easy to find a dozen or more guidebooks for any one of the world’s major cities. Dopplr’s Social Atlas is a guidebook unlike any other � the information within it has been compiled by the smart travellers who share their trips with others on Dopplr.

In addition to trips, they can share the discoveries they make along the way. They are able to add travel tips about places to eat, stay, and explore that might not have caught the attention of the publishers of printed guidebooks.

Dopplr travellers add hundreds of new places every week, and we aggregate and anonymise the information they send in. Looking at the data as a whole, we can start to see patterns emerging � and that’s the true power of the Social Atlas.

It means we can pinpoint the cool cafes, hip shopping streets, gourmet restaurants and fashionable bars that people have discovered in the last few months. We can see where people are choosing to spend a night, be it in a tiny backstreet guest house or in the grandest of five-star hotels.

The explore category can mean taking in the traditional tourist attractions, but it might also mean walking the back streets of an up-and-coming city district, nosing around the shops and soaking up the atmosphere. It might mean browsing dusty bookshops or modern art galleries, or simply sipping a coffee and people-watching in a busy market square. Whatever travel tips Dopplr travellers have shared, it’s all available to everyone in the Social Atlas.

And we can do all this much quicker than traditional print publishing allows. The Social Atlas is constantly changing as people’s opinions change and new recommendations are added to our database. Whatever’s happening in the world’s big cities, our travellers are likely to spot it. The Social Atlas is always bang up-to-date.

The Social Atlas is built entirely using the recommendations from smart travellers, and this is what makes it unique. We know, for example, where Dopplr travellers are based and also what travel planning they’ve been doing. We can look at an overview of the data and spot interesting trends, such as where Londoners tend to go when they visit New York (and, in contrast, where New Yorkers go in their home town).

These trends and patterns are central to the value of the Social Atlas in the long term. It allows us to take snapshots of cities not just as places, but also as moments in time. The snapshot for London in January will differ from London six months later, as seasons and fashions change people’s habits.

Get More From Dopplr By Inviting People You Know To Become Fellow Travellers

Dopplr is a service for the smart traveller, and at its heart is the concept of travel planning and sharing plans with people you trust. Consequently, the more people you connect with on Dopplr, the more useful the service becomes.

Dopplr is all about spotting the co-incidences that might otherwise be overlooked. It knows where you are going to be, and when; and it knows where your fellow travellers are going to be, and when. It can see those co-incidences and point them out, without individuals having to sit down and compare notes on every single trip.

So it makes sense to open up your travel planning activity to as many people as possible. Dopplr has made it easy to do this.

The first way to add more fellow travellers is simply to invite people you already know. From your account home page, click “Invite”, and you can fill out a simple form with the name and email address of the person you wish to invite. You can add a short text note as well. This message will be sent to your recipient with a confirmation link – all they need to do is click the link to start the sign-up process at Dopplr. We will automatically share your trips with that person, and ask them if they’d like to share their trips with you.

If the recipient does not wish to join Dopplr, we won’t keep pestering them with reminders, and won’t keep their contact details any longer than necessary.

If you would like to invite more than one person at a time, it’s possible to do this too. You can send several invitations at once, using the same text note for all of them.

The second, and more powerful, way to add fellow travellers is by using the Find People feature on Dopplr.

This useful tool connects Dopplr to other social networks and web services that you might already use, including Gmail, Windows Live Mail, Yahoo! Mail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr and Facebook. It can also import contacts from your Outlook database, and contact files in Hcard format.

Click the service of your choice and follow the simple instructions to import all (or just some) of your contacts at each place. Dopplr will do the rest.

Whether you are engaged in frequent business travel or occasional sightseeing trips, pulling in more fellow travellers opens up more opportunities for sharing travel tips and advice with people you trust, and spotting more chances for unexpected meetings along the way.

Travel Advice For British Nationals On Thailand Trip

Thailand, though a peaceful nation witnessed riots and political violence few months back. Although a state of emergency was declared in many provinces of the country and situation was finally controlled after the two months long violence, the possibility of fresh violence surfacing in view of the political developments in the country can not be ruled out. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office that is responsible for promoting British interests overseas continues to issue important travel advice for British Nationals already in Thailand and those planning to take their flights to Bangkok and other parts of Thailand.

As per the FCO travellers have been advised to avoid Preah Vihear temple area to evade violence. Unless it is essential British nationals should not visit Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla.

As there are chances of political violence reoccurring in the region, all travellers should remain updated about the place through media and internet and should remain in their hotels in case violence breaks out. A State of Emergency is still in effect in certain regions such as Bangkok, Khon Kaen, Nakhom Ratchasima, Nonthaburi, Pathum Thani, Samut Prakarn and Udon Thani.

Travellers on their holidays should exercise caution if they want to travel to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen, Ubon Ratchathani and Udon Thani where foreigners and expatriates have been attacked and have greater chances of indiscriminate attacks.

Britons should avoid Chiang Mai as Red Shirt protesters are planning to hold protests, which may turn violent. All Brits are advised to keep their passports with them and should not carry or possess illegal substances such as drugs.